We have provided a detailed Factory Photo Tour of all our garment manufacturing activities from Tirupur, in India. We are having capacity to produce 5000 pcs per day. We have also shown our partner units like Soft Flow Dyeing Unit. Maclean is following the best international standards of garment manufacturing. Our exsisting European buyers had been very appreciative of production methodology and has approved our factoru standards. Both the Garment Manufacturing unit and the fabric processing unit possess latest machinery.

Reliable Suppliers :

With 15 years of Garment Manufacturing Experience, Maclean has consolidated all the production process, our raw material suppliers, our processing houses, Garment accessory suppliers and other auxillary units. Today with strict Pollution norms, changing economical situations, a cost effective supply of quality garments needs a committed manufacturing chain with vast experience. Garment Buyers are invited to tap our potential and Maclean assures a reliable and profitable garment merchandise that will ensure success in the recessive markets.